Birthplace of "Sake Yeast Kyokai No.1"

  In 1904 the Japanese government set out National Prefectural Institute of Brewing to find the best yeasts among all of Japan's sake breweries, in order to improve the safety and quality of sake brewing nationally.
  In 1906, the yeast from Sakuramasamune was isolated by Mr. Takahashi who used to work as a Toji brewery worker at the institute. It was identified as the best of all, and designated Sake Yeast Kyokai No.1 and was distributed throughout Japan. It spread all over Japan until 1935.

Micrograph of the yeast
Micrograph of the yeast

  However because of brewing changes and war, Sake Yeast Kyokai No.1 disappeared from many sake breweries and it was called "rare yeast" which didn't exist in the world. Yet it have found that it was preserved by Nihon Jozo Kyokai (Brewing Society of Japan), and it has been 60 years to be re-brewed from the yeast by Sakuramasamune, its birthplace.

  The most of the cells the yeast has are big and oval-shaped, others are long and they are deformed. The yeast ferments Dextrin, Mannose, Galactose, and Lactose. The characteristic is strong and has a normal smell. It is suitable in high temperature and is good fermentation development.

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