1625 The Yamamura family started brewing sake in Aramaki-mura, Itami (present Itami City in Hyogo prefecture).
1717 The brewery was founded.

The 6th head of the familiy, Yamamura Tazaemon, discoverd the "Miyamizu" groundwater.

The company used "Masamune" as the brand name.

In the same period, "Highly-polished Rice" was started using.

1884 By the Trademark Act, "Sakuramasamune" was registered as the brand name.
1907 The "Sakuramasamune yeast" was selected by Nihon Jozo Kyokai (Japan Sake Brewing Association) as the "Sake yeast Kyokai No.1" and was distributed to sake brewers nationwide.
1910 The 8th head of the family established "Yamamura Sake-Brewing Laboratoy", the first private research institute in Japan.
1919 "Yamamura Sake Brewing Company" was founded.
1992 "Yamamura Sake Brewing Company" changed the name to "Sakuramasamune Co., Ltd."
1994 "Hananokigura" was completed.
1998 Sakuramasamune Memorial Hall "Sakuraen" opened.

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