President's Message

11th Tazaemon Yamamura

@Sakuramasamune started brewing sake in 1625 and it has been around 400 years since then. The history is the same as the one of Yamamura's family. I am the 11th head of the family, Tazaemon Yamamura.

1)Our top priority is to produce sake of the best quality, through which we try to offer our customers a pleasant and relaxed life.
2)We contribute for the good of the local community by handing down our cultural heritage to the next generation.

@We use Yamadanishiki in Hyogo and groundwater for brewing "SAKURAMASAMUNE Yakimare Ki-ippon" and "SAKURAMASAMUNE Shumare Honjozo". We brew our sake and control in the whole process manually and take responsibility to offer our products.
@We'll be handing down our cultural heritage that was inherited by our predecessors, and will keep offering the best quality of sake to people who love Sakuramasamune.

Sakuramasamune Co., Ltd.
Tazaemon Yamamura

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