Hanashizuku Aka
Sake Type (designation) --
Rice Brewer's rice
Rice Polishing Ratio --
Alcohol Content (by volume) 25.5%
Sake Mater Value --
Acidity --
medium dry
variation of drinking
straight, on the rocks, or with water (cold, hot, sparkling etc.)
@@"Nontaro" is a new taste sensation of sake(*) that contains 25% alcohol by volume, and has both umami flavor of brewed liquor as well as aroma and taste of distilled liquor.
@@It can be enjoyed in various ways of drinking such as drunk straight, on the rocks, or mixed with hot water. The amount of the smaller one (90mL) is a single serving of the sake on the rocks.

(*) In definition of "sake" on the Liquor Tax Act, alcohol contents of sake is less than 22% (revised in 2007; already "Nontaro" was released). So "Nontaro" is not "sake", to be exact, but it is brewed in a similar way.

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